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In 1980 the UK’s highly secretive Special Air Service Regiment was exposed to the full glare of publicity during its successful storming of the Iranian Embassy to rescue a group of hostages.

The week-long siege was brought to an abrupt end by the black clad elite soldiers of the SAS, the entire operation being broadcast to a stunned public by TV cameras that had been covering the hostage situation

The speed and ruthless efficiency of this elite team meant the entire operation was over in minutes, the hostages rescued and the situation controlled.

For over fifteen years the techniques that created such perfect team work have been made available to the business world through military-style team building company, Team Frontier.

Team Frontier has extracted the most relevant elements of special forces training and created a team building programme that is both truly exciting and highly effective. Using the ‘hostage rescue’ scenario as the platform, our instructors teach teams to work closely together to achieve vital objectives.

Please note: while we employ real-world special forces team building techniques we are mindful not to demonstrate methods that might compromise existing military teams.