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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Where do Team Frontier activities take place?
A Primarily we use our location in Buckinghamshire, just north of Aylesbury, however, we are able to use a number of different locations around the country. We are also able to “bring the day to you”, although we generally find that it is better all round to use one of our pre-set locations.


Q Do I need to be in great physical shape to take part?
A The challenge of the course is one of mental stimulation, rather than physical. However, you must be in reasonably good health as the course may involve some degree of physical activity.


Q Is Team Frontier training just for men?
A Absolutely not. The programme is open to men and women over the age of 17.


Q How many people are on the course?
A To enhance individual attention, we recommend 10-25 participants but this is dependent on our client’s requirements.


Q How long does the course last?
A You can take part in a one, or two-day team building exercise.


Q What type of special clothing do I need?
A With the exception of footwear, all clothing and equipment required for the course is supplied by Team Frontier.


Q Can I bring my own camera?
A Yes, of course, although full photographic coverage is provided by Team Frontier.


Q What else should I bring?
A Nothing except a sense of adventure – and a pair of dark boots!