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An Introduction to Team Frontier Courses

The lessons and experience gained from Team Frontier training can be successfully applied to great effect in your organisation and are of particular relevance in high pressure “mission critical” environments. Real or metaphorical, when the pressure’s on and bullets start flying you need to have 100% confidence in yourself and your team.

Our Instructors teach the techniques required for effective, productive teamwork, using methods that have evolved during years of Special Forces experience and training. They apply whether your team is rescuing hostages, driving a project to a successful conclusion or negotiating an important contract.

All equipment and clothing issued to the participants reflects as accurately as possible that used by actual teams. Instructors are similarly dressed, which allows everyone to feel and act the part and the fully functioning weapons used are simulations that carry no risk of serious injury. All participants are provided with protective clothing and receive a full safety briefing at the start of training.

Training Courses can be of a one or two day duration and an ideal number of participants for the Hostage Rescue course is twelve to twenty-four. As each course may be tailored to meet the requirements of the client, Team Frontier will train a larger number of students per course, if required.

Training WeaponsNaturally, Team Frontier courses are not designed to train individuals to become Special Forces assault troops! Whilst the techniques and skills taught are authentic, anything that could compromise existing teams has of necessity been filtered out. However, it’s close enough to the real thing to convince you that you have been part of a Special Forces team taking part in serious action!

At the end of each course participants receive a full debrief assessment of how each team has performed (a competitive element can be included if required) and a Certificate of Participation is awarded.

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