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About Team Frontier

The Special Forces approach to team building is unique. It has proved over many years to be the most effective means of challenging and developing key skills within individuals, with the maximum collaborative advantage for teams in high pressure situations.

About Team FrontierTeam Frontier was formed in 1999 to bring these skills and training methods to the commercial world. The company has adopted Special Forces team building methods, utilising hostage rescue scenarios and other specialist themes.

This form of team building encourages students to work together in close harmony; to develop the skills of lateral thinking, contingency planning, the delegation of responsibility, the ability to think on one’s feet and, above all, to foster a strong determination to succeed as a team.
Team Frontier’s Training Team includes experienced personnel who have served in UK Special Forces, SAS, Marines and support units.

Should you wish to focus on one particular training element, for example a sales team might wish to concentrate on “negotiation”, Team Frontier has access to Specialist Instructors with real-world experience of such situations. (Let’s face it… If you can persuade a group of fanatical terrorists to forget about their ransom demands and plane to a friendly country, release their hostages and give themselves up – all without a shot being fired – closing the next “big deal” should be child’s play!)

Many of Team Frontier’s instructors have come directly from a Special Forces background, or have worked closely with Special Forces and have been involved in the training and building of specialist teams in many areas of the world.

Team Frontier Instructors – second to none

The aim of Team Frontier is to pass on the skills of Special Forces without compromising existing hostage rescue teams.

Our Location

About Team FrontierWe are able to run Team Frontier training courses at practically any location, however, the majority are conducted at our facilities based in and around an ex-rocket development area, in Buckinghamshire.

This central location provides us with a large variety of buildings, bunkers, woodland and open areas in which to operate, whilst the guarded entrance ensures privacy and security for both participants and instructors.