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Team Frontier - Mission

A team of ruthless terrorists has just kidnapped a VIP and his family.

This is your task:

PlanningPlan and execute a mission to secure the hostage’s freedom – evaluate problems and risks, make vital decisions and work as part of a team – under the supervision of some of the country’s top counter-terrorism experts.

Leadership and team working are the keys to success – where better to sharpen these skills than with the elite teams of the Special Forces and for the first time in the UK, their skills can be passed onto the commercial world.

Special Forces Instructors teach individuals and teams from the private, public and voluntary sectors the techniques for productive team work, as taught to generations of soldiers.

Many aspects of Special Forces training, such as the need to define objectives and plan the logical moves to achieve them can be applied to the challenges faced in the commercial world.

ExecutionThe lessons and experience gained from Team Frontier team building can be successfully applied in today’s high-pressure, results-driven organisations.

  • lateral thinking
  • ability to plan and execute complex tasks
  • effective decision-making whilst under pressure
  • accurate and timely communications
  • indentifying common goals
  • working under severe time constraints
  • confronting and resolving team conflict
  • boosting moral